Calmodulin – A new domain in osteoporosis treatment

What is Calmodulin ?

According to the most current studies, the most important CBP (Calcium Binding Protein)  in the human body is Calmodulin.


Calcium Binding Proteins ( CBP )

Without CBP (Calcium-binding protein), calcium in the human body cannot exert its proper functions.


How To Prevent Osteoporosis ?

Get regular bone density test from a hospital or clinic,

The test should be done once every four months


Lifestyle Changes

Exercise daily for 15 minutes to 1 hour. Get a healthy dose of the to stimulate production of Vitamin D3, which helps the body absorbs calcium.

A moderate amount of resistance exercises can stimulate the growth of bone tissues, thereby strengthening the bones.

Abstain from smoking and alcohol, reduce intake of caffeine and carbonated drinks.

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