Concepts of Development and Research

Calmodulin Research

Professor Wang discovers that human being is the most perfect creature of the God. All biological activities are working in harmony by several cells, sub-cellular structure, tissues and organs. Any abnormalities would lead to a series of disorders. To ensure our systems working in harmony, all the body cells and organs must function well. However, due to the environmental pollution, erratic lifestyles and diet disorder destroyed the balance and coordination conditions. This will lead to endocrine disorders, immune dysfunction, obesity and excessive singlet oxygen production which led to a series of chronic diseases, premature malignant hyperplasia, etc.

Therefore, Professor Wang firmly convinced that the following can prevent the occurrence of illness:

  1. We need to have healthy cells in order to keep our body system in optimum condition. It consist the ideal balance concept for human body as well as improve overall functions of the systems and organs inside human body.
  2. The best way to regain the health for patients is not only to alleviate the symptoms of the illness but also to regulate and maintain their physical mechanism entirely.
  3. Provide whole body regulation is the principle while doing research and developing. Professor Wang has diagnosed some cases of the obese people who are not able to lose weight even they had tried a lot of slimming methods; their weight is still above 200 pounds. They are not only obese, but also suffering from high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia.

They had lower their blood pressure, reduce the blood cholesterol and blood sugar after 3 months of regulations as well as their weight had lost 0.5 ~ 1 pound weekly. Although, they are losing 30~60 pounds, and there is reddish skin appeared but the skin wrinkles did not appear. Most importantly, they continued losing their weight after stopping from taking weight loss pills. This is due to the lipocytes and our body systems functioning properly in an optimal state that is also our superiority over the physical treatments as well as the principles of Professor Wang.

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