VIII. Introduction of OLE’s function & IX.People Who Are Suitable for OLE

Health Supplement Anti  Aging Supplement Antioxidant Supplement What is OLE


OLE is an efficient and multifunctional health beverage. It is made from a few kinds of natural plants which consist of gingko, wild berries, America ginseng, extract from tea and red bean. It contains more than 18 kinds of amino acid, multi-vitamins, and biologically active trace minerals. Thus, OLE is not only a health beverage; it is also an effective and multifunctional nutritional health beverage.



1.   Antioxidant, supply electrons directly to free radicals and hence comprehensively eliminate the danger that is brought by free radicals to human body

During the biochemical reaction of blood and oxygen, a violent and active substance will be produced, which is called active oxygen. This kind of active oxygen is different from the general form of oxygen in our body because it is an extremely unstable free radical. If our body is unable to curb the action of this free radical on time, it will result in a devastating chain reaction in human body (Unstable active oxygen is a kind of free radical which shorts of one unpaired electron. Therefore, it will go to snatch the electron from those related molecules in cells and tissues and thus cause the components of tissue to become unstable free radical due to loss of the electron. Eventually, it will result in harmful effects to the normal cells and tissues in human body. ) The damaging effect of free radical to human tissue induces the occurrence of multi-level dysfunction, inflammation, aging, even carcinogenesis and other pathological process. OLE contains biological active trace minerals (manganese, zinc, selenium, chromium, copper, iron) which are important substances to suppress free radical activities.

As shown by experiments, low redox potential can initiate antioxidant mechanism in the body easier and supply the electron directly to free radicals for achieving the effect of anti-oxidation. Besides, OLE can also increase the level of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in human body where SOD eliminates peroxide radicals. Therefore, consumption of OLE on a regular basis can enhance the effect of anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and anti-cancer.

2.   Improve condition of arteries hardening and prevent blood clot formation

2-1    Reduce blood viscosity, increase blood flow velocity, improve vascular deposition.

2-2    Reduce harmful substances: triglyceride and cholesterol, improve condition of hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia.

2-3    Remove plaques in vessels and prevent formation of blood clots.

2-4    Restore vascular elasticity and improve the condition of arteries hardening.

2-5    Strengthen smooth muscle fibers of vessel wall and restore vessel wall.

The effects stated above play important roles in our body, such as stabilizing blood pressure, reducing the incidence of cerebro- and cardiovascular diseases, and preventing the formation of blood clots.

 3.   Effectively combined with oxygen for anti-hypoxia, anti-fatigue and energy restoration purposes

OLE can enhance the ability of red blood cell to bind with oxygen; especially when there are excessive exercises, hypoxia or exhaustion, cerebral anoxia caused by excessive use of brain, when you are in high latitude region or any environment that is of oxygen shortage. OLE consumption can enhance the body in getting sufficient oxygen, eliminating fatigue rapidly and increasing body vitality. Thus, OLE has an amazing result in anti-hypoxia, anti-fatigue and energy restoration.

IX. People Who Are Suitable for OLE

  • Health Supplement Anti  Aging Supplement Antioxidant Supplement What is OLEPeople who easily feel tired
  • People who always burn midnight oil or stay up all night long working
  • Long-term smokers
  • Insufficient oxygen in blood
  • People with hypertension
  • Stroke patient
  • Drunkard
  • People who breathe difficultly after light exercises
  • People who work under exposure of radiation
  • Cardiac dysfunction
  • Obesity
  • After a luxurious meal
  • High blood glucose level
  • Body under inflammation condition
  • Long term drug user















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