I. Introduction Of Professor Wang Kai-Hua

“In the Research and Development of every product, I studied the body overall balance, then focus on the “Subject and Target” to improve various systems or organs function.” In years of practice experiences, I have encountered many patients suffered from circulatory system diseases, such as heart diseases, stroke and etc. Since then, I became motivated to research and develop OLE.

There are many risk factors leading to human circulatory system diseases such as free radicals, hyperlipidemia, hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, thrombosis and etc. However, all these are the consequences of the damages done on the basic unit of human body, which is Cell. Thus, regulating circulatory cells and prevention from free radicals attack during cell metabolism is the fundamental solution. Once the cell is healthy, tissues and organs will be healthy as well. This will definitely lead our circulatory system to become healthy. OLE is a nutritional beverage that improves circulatory system by regulating circulatory cells which had been proven from clinical trials and experiments.

Prof. Wang Kai-Wah holds a PhD in medicine, specializing in immunology, cytology, bioengineering and oncology research. As a doctor, professor and scientist, Prof. Wang Kai-Wah is a great woman that has leading researches in the medical field.

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Achievements Of Professor Wang


Graduated from BeijingMedicalUniversity.


Development of biochemical and cytochemical test of hepatitis.


Professor in medical department of ShanDong University & Xiamen University, and the chairwomen of XiamenCancerResearchCenter.


Participated in insulin synthesis.


Participated in tumor associated antigen and cancer skin test. Discovered Calmodulin.


Research in cell factors, thymus hormone, interlurkin-2 (IL-2), interferon (INF-α2b) and tumor necrosis factors used in clinical treatment.


Professor in medical department of XiamenUniversity and the chairwomen of CancerResearchCenter.


A representative of China at 12th ICACT (International Congress on Anti Cancer Treatment), 5th Annual DNA Meeting and 14th International Tumor Conference.


Established InTec PRODUCTS, INC (Xiamen, China)


Established Bionike Laboratories in America for the development of biotech research and medical production, and passed FDA inspection.

1990 Onwards

Research in pregnancy test reagent, drug testing reagent, Insulin synthesis for diabetic patients and other reagent & equipment. Developed effective medicine for nervous system, test of tumor associated antigen and cancer skin. Developed gene vector Cu-An SOD (hSOD1) and cDNA for human. Developed reagent for AIDS, SARS virus and Ractopamine.

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