What is Antioxidant

  • Anti-oxidants renews blood circulatory health and reduces cellular damage due to aging.
  • Anti-oxidants regulate physiological function, enhance strength and reduce fatigue.
  • Anti-oxidants also maintaining health and youthfulness.

Oxygen Nourishment Vitality Energizer ( O.L.E )

A unique formulation of anti-oxidants, Oxygen Nourishment Vitality Energizer  ( OLE ) developed by Professor Wang Kai-Hua.

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Anti-oxidants Functions :

  • Anti-oxidation: A special formulation of anti-oxidants that has a Redox Potential of -150mV ~ -250mV supply stops cellular damage.
  • Improve the problem of vascular hardening and thrombus formation, reducing accumulation of harmful factors.
  • Enhanced oxygen absorption: Specially formulated to effectively supply oxygen to repair tissues and organs.

I.    Introduction of Professor Wang Kai-Hua

II.   Circulatory System Crisis & III. Human Body Health Balance

IV.  Understanding Free Radicals & V. How the Human Body Protect Itself Against Free Radicals

VI. Self-examination of Anti-oxidation Ability & VII. Self-evaluation of Health Status

VIII. Introduction of OLE’s function & IX.People Who Are Suitable for OLE

X.  OLE Experiment Report

XI. OLE Beverage Toxicological Experiment Report & XII. The Slide Records Of Mice Sperm Abnormality Test

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