What is calmodulin (English)  Part 1 of 2 ?

What is calmodulin (English)  Part 2 of 2 ?


What is calmodulin ( Mandarin ) ?

Calmodulin in Mandarin is 携钙素

What is Calmodulin ?

Calmodulin – A new domain in osteoporosis treatment.
According to the most current studies, the most important CBP (Calcium Binding Protein) in the human body is Calmodulin.

Calcium Binding Proteins ( CBP )

Without CBP (Calcium-binding protein), calcium in the human body cannot exert its proper functions.

I – VII Calmodulin - That changed the course of history and the correct concept of calcium

I.   What is osteoporosis and osteosclerosis?

II.  Symptoms of osteoporosis

III. Treatments for osteoporosis

IV.  How to prevent osteoporosis?

V.   The calcium deficiency crisis

VI.  Understanding the relationship between Ca2+ and CBP (calcium-binding proteins)

VII. Leading Researcher of CaM

VIII. What is CaM ?

IX.  Four major validations of Calmodulin

1. Scientific validation
2. Professional validation
3. 10 years of safety tests
4. 10 years of clinical application          

X.   Five scientifically proven functions of Calmodulin 

(1) Bidirectional regulation of Ca2+concentration
(2) Regulates the nervous system and endocrine system
(3) Activates the enzyme system and energy starter
(4) Promotes cell regeneration
(5) Regulates the immune system

The Nature of Calmodulin and it’s Structure – Useful  links

Concepts of Development and Research

Calmodulin – Introducing the New Concept of Calcium Regulator

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